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10 Times American Rappers Name Dropped South Africa In Their Music

Posted by on January 17, 2020, Under News

South Africa rings a bell everywhere on the globe and American rappers have not missed the opportunity to name drop the country . Here are 10 Times American Rappers, Gucci Mane, Game, Nicki Dr Dre, Future And More Name Dropped South Africa In Their Music

Future – Sorry

These bitches some thot hoes / I hit the lotto in South Africano / Yacht party, sittin’ at the dock of the condo / Better not be late, bitch, you better come pronto!

Nicki Minaj – Automatic

I’m lookin’ for that Einstein / Wales, London, Ireland
/ Scotland I can idle in South Africa and Brazil /Shut the club down, bring the bill

Gucci Mane – Photoshoot

Got Canada on Calendar so shout out to my manager /I walk through in South Africa / I jumped in my foreign Acura / I flip it just like spatula/ So suck me just like Dracula

Nicki Minaj – Beautiful Sinner

South Africa is where I come from / Get me my banjo, get me my drum/ Kidnap career and don’t take ransom / Don’t let me come out of my dungeon

Dr. Dre – The Day the Niggaz Took Over

“I’ma say this and I’ma end mine. If you ain’t down for the Africans here in the United States—period point-blank, if you ain’t down for the ones that suffered in South Africa from apartheid and shit, dammit, you need to step your punk ass to the side and let us brothers, and us Africans, step in and start puttin’ some foot in that ass!”

Tyler, The Creator – P

The beat, wears it like a kevlar / As I smoke my tree, medlar, South African/ Coughing ’til there’s pains in my fucking abdomen / I spit negative just like a halogen

Talib Kweli – Fly Away

Her breath Aboriginal her skin the color of Moroccan/ Sand in south african sky lines / Her blue blood separates the land fro our riversand great legs / The place where we shit and drink

Chamillionaire – Hold Up

Passing up dough is a major fail / Take a trip to South Africa
But can’t leave the paper like Dave Chappelle / Realest rapper you’ll ever meet

The Game – DTF

Take it to New York, take it to the Chi / Met a bitch in South Africa and fucked her in Dubai, bye / Parachute, fuck her in the sky /Put that on my momma I’ma try ‘fore I die

Immortal Technique – Rich Man’s World (1%)

You got grills in your mouth, I ain’t mad at ya /I own every goldmine in South Africa / Thanks, baby, you made me a billion /Plus I own a building /For each one of my children’s children; that’s the shit

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