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AKA Pens Last 2019 Heartfelt Message Dedicated To Fans

Posted by on December 30, 2019, Under News

AKA Pens Last 2019 Heartfelt Message Dedicated To Fans. It has been quite a busy year for Supa Mega in his career, even with the more good than bad he still held the game wi

Despite being trolled and dragged for what he said and did, he is one of the celebrities with fans who have proven great loyalty. He showed a little appreciation by writing a short message thanking them for being the best throughout the year.

Bhova even highlighted how it’s never been perfect but rewarding nonetheless and ended off with a little bit of an advise.

“It’s always nice interacting with you. It might not be the way that everyone else does it, but hey; It izzzz whadit izzz. Spend the rest of what’s left of 2019 safely and responsibly. PLEASE take care of yourself and of each other,❤”.

As one of the most influential people in the country his message has been well received by those who have been his ride or die since the year began.

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