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Cassper Has A Message For Those Who Wanted Him To Turn His Back Against AmaPiano

Posted by on January 9, 2020, Under News

Cassper Has A Message For Those Who Wanted Him To Turn His Back Against AmaPiano. Would you say Cassper still qualifies to be referred to as a rapper?

When Cassper decided to test waters with Amapaino he received major backlash. In time people got used to his new sound but believed it was a passing phase. It now turns out that Mufasa is clutching his claws deeper into Mapiano.

The backlash Nyovest received when he embarked on Mapiano had most people assume that he will eventually outgrow the hype. To their surprise he is sticking to the genre and will continue to fuse it with Hip hop.

If you one of those people who were desperately hoping that Cassper could go back to the raw rap then you might as well learn to adjust to the new sound.

Here’s what he had to say : “Nobody is ever gonna make me turn my back against mapiano!!!! This shit slaps hard!!!! It makes me and my people happy!!!! Leave us!” Wrote Cass.

The Move For Me rapper also shared that this he is waiting for the Family Tree studios to finish building so he can offer the music he has been working on.

“Well, i don’t really know what’s next but i know i am eager for my studio to be completed so i can lock in and start making music again. I feel like i am going to come up with something special that’s going to slap hard,” he assured fans.

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