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Cassper Opens Up About His Plans To Purchase A Mansion Worth R20 Million

Posted by on January 13, 2020, Under News

Cassper Opens Up About His Plans To Purchase A Mansion Worth R20 Million. If there’s one person who dreams big and has proven how hard he is willing to work to live those dreams – it is Cassper Nyovest.

The way Cassper’s career has been blossoming throughout the years has led to him achieving most of his dreams and more. Reaching the dreams he had when he had nothing led to him to dreaming more of what he aspires as growth and development. He purchased a car worth R2 Million and a mansion worth over a R1 Million. That was an indication of how successful he is.

To advance more he saw a house he felt would best compliment his status and style. The house as he said it is worth R20 Million. That is the kind of money most can only dream of having, and Cass is working towards using it on a house he plans to call The Lorch.

“Everytime i go to Camps Bay i find a house i want!! Saw this modern Mansion worth 20 million & i want it sooo bad. Ima work my but off for that baby,” he wrote.

He emphasized that it doesn’t matter how long it takes but it’s on top of his plans that he has it. He named it after soccer played Lorch whose jersey number is 10 because the street name is 10.

“Whether it takes 2,5,7 years or whatever, ima buy that crib!!!! The street number is 10 so ima call it “The Lorch” when i buy it,” he added.

For now he has shared the images of the building of Family Tree studios. All goes to show how he is working towards putting his dreams to reality.

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