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Emtee Becomes The Latest SA Rapper To Join The ‘Million’ Club

Posted by on January 6, 2020, Under News

Emtee Becomes The Latest SA Rapper To Join The ‘Million’ Club. After all Emtee has been through what could be more great than accumulating an extended fan base.

Counting the woes of his 2019 is fit to be nothing more than a thing of the past, 2020 as he stated is the year for new beginnings for him. A number of artists have had the pleasure to celebrate reaching an increased number of followers on social media, this time around Emtee made the list.

Getting to a million followers is a big deal for celebrities, not only does it mean more money coming in but companies recognize you and offer endorsement deals. The benefits become endless with an inclusion of the work they do. Even with his accounts constantly hacked and unverified Emtee still managed to go big in the internet streets.

Emtee’s 2020 started off great Hopefully it becomes a pattern which wipes out all that he had endured the past year.


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