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Flame’s Girlfriend Dismisses Ex-Global’s Claims Of Them Dating, Ex Brings Out Receipts

Posted by on January 16, 2020, Under News

Flame’s Girlfriend Dismisses Ex-Global’s Claims Of Them Dating, Ex Brings Out Receipts. After going public to clarify what really happened between him and Flame, Ex global delivered more juice when the ex-girlfriend dismissed him.

The feud between Ex-global and Flame started off around the same time the former Hip hop group Wrecking Crew parted ways. That led to fans assuming that they feud which involved a girl caused the separation. Although that was proven to be a lie, the beef between the two has reached a point where the girl came forward to state her case.

Ex global took to Twitter to reveal that the current girlfriend Flame is dating is his ex Ashleigh Ogle and dismissed news that they were sexually intimate.

“I’ve been reading nothing but assumptions and lies for a WHILE now . Flame Is dating someone I used to date years back and he knew . So the whole story of me f#cking his girl and that’s how the crew split is a lie , stop it,” wrote Global.

Ashleigh who has been sharing pics of her and Flame all loved up called out Ex for lying.

“U ARE THE ONLY ONE LYING LIL BITCH! Dating me??? You sent me Flexasaurus and asked me to post a video for your song. We became friends because of Vic and Lisa and MJ so please don’t lie to the ppl to stay relevant! 2 years go by and you still talking about us? MOVE ON LIL NIGGA,” wrote Ashleigh.

It didn’t take long for Global to reply back with receipts to prove that he wasn’t lying.

“I found you ? You found me Like how you find every kid that you think is going to blow up . The people you are mentioning are people who knew of us and who adviced me to stop dating you.

“Since well I’m lying , every time you lie I’ll post a screengrab . Let’s go,” he revealed and shared a screen grab of her texting him on IG back in 2019.

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