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How SA Rappers Reacted To Bonang Starting A Record Label

Posted by on December 22, 2019, Under News

Bonang Wants To Start A Record Label, Cassper and other SA rappers shared their two cents on what Bonang should and should not do . Mufasa did not miss the opportunity to share the realities of running a label and dealing with artists. 

Bonang had tweeted “….I wanna start a record label! Lol! My girls think I’m mad.”

Cassper reacted by saying 

“You don’t want that stress. YOH!!! hehe. Di Artist!!! Yerrr”

To Which Nadia reacted by saying “👀👀👀”

GiGi Lamayne  and Priddy Ugly also responded by saying

“I think it’s a good idea actually. Things just aren’t fair on the streets. Would be great to see more women at it actually.”

Priddy Ugly

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