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How YoungstaCPT Compared Himself To US Rapper J.Cole

Posted by on December 18, 2019, Under News

How YoungstaCPT Compared Himself To US Rapper J.Cole. It may not be everyday that SA rappers compare themselves to US rappers, but often times they raise points on how they consider themselves to be better just with a little less international hype.

YoungstaCPT is the recent SA artist to make comparison. A few weeks back he won himself two awards at the South African Hip Hop Awards, one for 3T album and a video of the year. While receiving praise for the masterpiece he created (3T), he raised a point of how things would be different if he was a J.Cole or a Travis Scott.

“If people really listen to my music and do the research they would do for J.Cole or Travis Scott they’d realize it’s more than surface level. Should be easier coz it’s local content but, Things Take Time,” he wrote.

Despite being a full on activist for Cape Town people, YoungstaCPT is adamant on spreading the message that builds and educate people.

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