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“Majority of SA media is lazy,” Aewonwolf Slams SA Journalists As He Announces Comeback

Posted by on January 9, 2020, Under News

“Majority of SA media is lazy,” Aewonwolf Slams SA Journalists As He Announces Comeback. A large number of people have their views when it comes to media and how it operates, most of those are complaints. Rapper Aewonwolf shared his own.

South African media is perceived as lazy by Aeownwolf who expressed how he feels journalists aren’t going about their job the best way. The main point to pushing as an artist involves a strong connection with the audience, and some of that can be achieved by exposure from media platforms that reach a wider range of audience. For this reason, many artists get themselves PR managers.

Journalists play a major role in exposing or delivering fresh new information. This is why artists feel it’s an adventure to work with them to have their music reach new heights. Aewonwolf revealed that he hasn’t had much luck with journalists because they only go for trends and not put out an information no matter how newsworthy it is.

“Lets be honest! The majority of SA media is lazy! If you don’t e-mail them the story they won’t write about it, even if it’s news worthy they would rather share what’s already trending,” be wrote on a tweet YoungstaCPT retweeted.

He further announced that on his return in music he is looking to work with hungry journalists.

“That’s why with my return I want to work with hungry and real journalists! Holla at me!”

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