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Riky Rick Opens Up About His Tough Childhood

Posted by on December 20, 2019, Under News

Riky Rick opened up about why Age 13-25 Was A Huge Low Period Of His Life and how the industry is not his entire life and it’s a small segment of his life that happened to come right. He added that he considers the industry as more of a being able to eat part of life but the real part of his life which goes from 13-25 had a lot of highs but was a low moment for him as he was living a nomadic life where the things he loved would be taken away from him and these things ranged from schools, friends to communities and this was difficult for him as a young person.

Riky also shared how he lived between his separated parents and that broken home set up affected him dearly and not being with both parents at any given time affected him a lot.

He also added that what was also particularly painful for him as a young person was moving from one place to the other 6 times before he turned 10.

He also said moving overseas was a very painful thing for him because  he had to be away from his dad who was someone he loved dearly. Riky also added that growing up in Australia, he became more comfortable due to the great standard of living and completely different experience from then  violence infested KwaMhashu. 

Riky and his brothers were uprooted again at age 14 back to South Africa watch his full interview below with Lootlove on Slikour Onlife below.

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