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SA Rappers Whose Music Succeed Without Promoting Or Marketing It

Posted by on January 14, 2020, Under News

Nowadays the most convenient way to make sure that your music reaches a wider audience is promoting it online. It comes as a surprise to learn that some artists don’t use that method but succeed either way.

Having rappers who don’t put much effort promoting their music proves why people are into music for different reasons. Certain rappers show just how they are here to make music whoever wants it will get it and those who don’t want to to, it’s a manner of throwing a bone for whichever puppy is willing to catch.

The main reason why artists use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is to connect with the audience and make more means to expand their fan base. That is also how artists get to promote and market their music to relevant people, this means more money. Then there are those who seem to care less of about putting that much effort into asvertising their music, but still the music they drop remains loved and praised.


Former Teargas rapper Ntukza branched out to establish a solo career that earned fans three albums. Ntukza’s twitter account is locked, meaning only selected people can access his tweets. Last time out he dropped Rebirth album but it reached a limited audience. According to his latest tweet he said that it’s amazing how his music performs considering that he doesn’t promote it.


A-Reece spends little to no time on social media since last year but for someone he tops the trending lists every he drops without an announcement. His last tweet was an alert to fans on the fire he plans to drop next, Paradise 2 album.


Muzi is one artist who has been winning more times than most people would know. He has been dubbed an underrated rapper and he simply stated that he is making music for those who want it.

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