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SA Reacts To Afro Punk Cancelling Burna Boy As One Of Its Headliners For The 2019 Show

Posted by on December 20, 2019, Under News

SA Reacts To Afro Punk Cancelling Burna Boy As One Of Its Headliners For The 2019 Show. The announcement of Burna Boy being cancelled to perform at the upcoming annual Afro Punk has caused mixed reactions amongst South Africans.

Back in September Burna Boy posted a series of tweets about Xenophobia that most South Africans didn’t like at all. His views incited violence and hate speech towards South Africans and rapper AKA. When it was announced that he will be performing at the African’s Unite concert to be held in SA, the masses demanded an apology.

Burna didn’t apologize but continuously preached one love for all Africans. The concert was cancelled days after it announced that it has cancelled the self acclaimed African Giant. As debates brewed others felt it was unfair to cancel the singer while others felt it was the right thing to do. In fact it became an SA vs Nigeria talk.

Afro Punk has done the same, there’s no precise reason detailing an act to cancel Burna but it was easily presumed that it has to do with the mayhem rooted from his tweets about SA xenophobia.

“Hey SA fam: After a joint discussion with Burna Boy’s team, we are announcing that he will no longer be part of Joburg’s 2019 lineup. We’ve agreed that now isn’t the right time for him to come. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to our community,” they wrote.

The views ranged from fans demanding refunds to others applauding the act.

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