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Top 3 SA Hip Hop Artists Who Disappointed Fans In 2019

Posted by on December 23, 2019, Under News

Top 3 SA Hip Hop Artists Who Disappointed Fans In 2019. When you favourite star disappoints you in some way you are often left with a conflicted mind-set. Confused whether to still stan or cancel them.

Listed here are three SA Hip Hop artists who may have lost out on a few fans for what they said or did. This year like any other there were a number of disappointments. Unpleasing as it has been it hasn’t resulted in drastic changes. In fact it was such instances that made people aware how celebrities are just humans.


He trended for days when ex lover Lady Zamar revealed that he was abused her sexually, emotionally and physically in the course of their 2 year affair. It was then that fans found out that he was married but hid it from people. Some called for him to be cancelled. His response was that he took legal action against the matter which he painted as a defamation of character.


Keeping quiet for a while not releasing anything left a number of fans disappointed. It was when he released a joint album with MashBeatz that he managed to distract the disappointment.


If it’s not his tweets getting him into trouble what else could it be. This year he tweeted that he would rather lose to any country than Nigeria, that may not have disappointed most South Africans but it shook up Nigeria. The mess escalated to a point that pretty much led to chaos.

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