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Zakwe Celebrates Accumulating His First Million Ever Since He Got Into Music

Posted by on December 20, 2019, Under News

Zakwe Celebrates Accumulating His First Million Ever Since He Got Into Music. After gracing the game for over 10 years Zakwe finally celebrates getting into the biggest number.

Zakwe has been the rapper who has been riding in his own wave, he has been winning and has been the top favourite for most rap fans. With all his accomplishments he still felt like he wasn’t getting enough recognition or respect for his impact and talent.

“After selling Gold and scooping the Best Rap Album at the Metro FM awards, 5 SAMA Nominations, SATMA, 2 SAHHAs??? 2010 – 2015 Aaaaaaay madoda,” he tweeted confronting a SlikourOnLife list which didn’t include him.

In just a week he felt like he was cast aside he managed to reach 1 Million views on YouTube for Roots single featuring Stogie T and JayHood. For the first time he managed to get the number he never reached in his career.

“This is a 100% raw rap shit joint, it actually hit 1 MILLION in a couple of months, my 1st milli boooooooi 🚀🙏😁 Shout to #MotionBilly for this music video, shout @TumiMolekane & @JayClaude_, we did jimbossssss,” he shared the good news on social media.

Stogie also expressed how much of a big deal it was for Roots to reach such a milestone.

“Roots hit a millions views. I don’t think you guys understand what that means, that’s some rap shit getting live like that. Crazy. Congrats @ZakweSA @motionbilly021” – Stogie .


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